Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Ad

Photo: by Erik Voss

The Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s floating classrooms at Lake Lanier and West Point Lake may have been docked because of the pandemic, but that’s not stopping the organization from conducting educational opportunities virtually.

“Typically, our floating classrooms are available to school groups and teachers,” said Julia Regeski, communications manager for the non-profit organization. “However, by using technology, we are now able to offer our programming on an even more broad-based platform beyond schools.”

The virtual classroom features videos of all the water and land-based activities that typically take place on the floating classrooms.

“When the classroom boats were docked because of the pandemic, we began creating our Virtual Floating Classroom programming to deliver this environmental education and information to anyone who is interested in learning more about how they can become involved in these issues and make a difference.”

The floating classrooms have reached more than 80,000 students and teachers in the past two decades. The classrooms provide on-the-water science experiments, wildlife viewing, and other topics to help people understand their local water resources.

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Volunteers Needed for Sweep the Hooch:

    • All along the Chattahoochee Watershed
    • Can be done on land, wading, or paddling
    • Saturday, March 27
    • Online Registration required: