Lake level: Down 7.5 feet
Temperature: 60s
Clarity: Mostly clear

BASS: Bass fishing on Lanier is fair. Due to the “turnover” of the lake bass fishing has ranged from good days to days where it is a struggle. One key for this time of year is to find water that has cleared from the turnover. These areas tend to be a little farther back in the creeks and generally are holding more fish that will bite.

The biggest thing right now is to be very versatile as it seems everything in the tackle box will work at the right time in the right place. There is still a little top water bite in places but it has really slowed over the past few weeks. The hard swimbaits like the Slickstick or Lanier Hard Baits have been producing fish over brush and long points in the creeks. The worm bite has been steady with a three sixteenths spotsticker and either a green pumpkin or watermelon red trick worm fished on secondary rocky points and around boat docks from 20 feet deep on back in the pockets. There are bass scattered around the deeper brush that can be targeted with either a worm or a three eights Spotchoker with a fluke trailer.

Having forward facing is a huge help in working the fish around the brush as you can adjust the bait to the depth of the fish and also locate the scattered ones.

The new Spotchoker finesse quarter ounce underspin paired with a Cast Echo has been producing fish in the same areas as the worm. A slow steady retrieve down the rocky points and along the sides of the docks will produce the most fish. Just remember to not set the hook hard when using an underspin, simply reel into the fish.

With colder weather coming in the turnover should finish up shortly and the fish should be moving to their winter locations but for now be versatile to catch them. With the cooler weather it’s a great time to Go Catch “em.

Report by: Phil Johnson,, 770 366-8845.

STRIPERS: Stripers are located over open water. Flat lines and planer boards as well down lines are the ticket. Use blue backs for bait 30 feet behind boards and flat lines 80 to 100 feet behind the boat with the trolling motor at .05 to 1 mph. Always have something to throw if they come up close enough. Bass are mixed in with the stripers so be on your toes. Remember to wear your life jacket.

Report by: Buck Cannon, 404 510-1778.

CRAPPIE: Crappie are suspended 10 to 15 feet deep. I am using small minnows straight down with a split shot at 8 to 10 feet. I’ve had recent success with a grey on grey small sugar bug jig with a slow retrieval. I have also been doing well with translucent blue atx lure.

While the lake is low be searching for and marking new brush piles. The gear I recommend for crappie fishing is Acc crappie stix 1 piece rod and reel with a 6 pound test K9 line, along with Garmin Live Scope and Power Pole.

Report by: Captain Josh Thornton770 530-6493,