Lake level: Down 1070.58
Clarity: Main lake, creeks stained
Temperature: 60s
Bass: Bass fishing is good. Spots are relating to points, humps and man-made brush piles as they start feeding for colder weather. Don’t overlook a crawfish crankbait on any structure and old brush piles at 25 feet are loaded with fish across the lake. Run small green jigs, Rapala Shad Raps, Rapala DT6 crankbaits and Fish Head Spins on and over
these fish. Repeat this pattern on several areas and also work any shallow cuts or bowl areas that might appear along the bank.

Up lake in the creeks, look on the long run out points as they are producing some nice spots in the three-pound class. White Sebile swimmers and dark color worms seem to be the baits that are working the best in this area. Also, check out the left-hand side of the river from Gainesville Marina north. Monster spots along with some largemouth are feeding along the shallow bank structure right up on the bank. Fish the back of the shallow creek areas for a roaming bass.
Report by Buck Cannon, Buck Tails Guide Service,
404 510-1778.

Stripers: Stripers on Lake Lanier have moved north up both rivers and shallow creeks and flats are holding fish. Troll the channel using umbrella rigs crisscrossing until you locate fish with your electronics. After you locate the schools go back and drop down lines 20 to 35 feet deep using trout and blue backs and having a spoon tied on can produce some exciting fights on a spinning rod with a 10-pound test line. Dress warm, it’s cold out there.
Report by Buck Cannon, Buck Tails Guide Service,
404 510-1778.

Crappie: Recent days have been feast or famine. I believe that it is due to the lake turnover hopefully the lake turnover is or will soon be complete and we can get back to catching fish regularly.

The recent hot bite target zone is 20 to 25 feet deep. Be flexible in your technique. Figure out what depth the crappie are biting and what they want to eat: either jigs or minnows. Recently it has been 90 percent minnows to 10 jigs, for me.

Look for open water brush in 25-plus feet of water and plan on losing several jigs and minnows. You have to be down there with them to catch them. Look under docks that are in 15 to 30 feet of water that features brush or structure. Use your electronic charts to locate these areas. Try down lining a small Crappie minnow with a sinker or set up a slip bobber. The jig that has produced for me is the ATX “Dori” royal blue over a chartreuse single tail. Jigs can be used for short casting, vertical jigging or dock shooting. I’m using five-pound test, high visibility yellow K9 braid for my line and a Piscifun reel.

I use scanning-type sonar (e.g. Down and Side Imaging) to locate schooling fish, and I complement this with the latest in live scanning sonar technology (e.g. Garmin’s LiveScope, Humminbird 360 or Lowrance’s LiveSight). Set way-points on your electronic charts so that you can quickly return to productive locations. You can do this on a smartphone using the Navionics Boating app.
Report by Captain Josh Thornton, 770 530-6493.