Got Olympic, Lake Lanier memorabilia? There’s a place for that
Front view of boathouse and driveway with lake in the background

Work continues on the new Lake Lanier Olympic Venue boathouse.

An Olympic Torch in pristine condition is one of the latest pieces of memorabilia donated to officials for the new Boathouse at Lake Lanier Olympic Park.

“We are so excited to have received this treasure on indefinite loan from Gainesville resident Beth Stege,” said Robyn Lynch, tourism director for the city of Gainesville. “We are hoping there are other items that people will loan us so that our display captures the essence not only of the 1996 Summer Games, but also the history of Lake Lanier.”

Lynch said officials are seeking a variety of items, including commemorative Olympic pins, banners, branded items used during the competition and other objects related to the Games and the venue.

“We’ve received several hundred different pins so far, but if you have some you’d like to donate, please let us know,” she said. “If the items you donate are duplicates, we will return them to you.”

She said that photos are another category where donations are sought.

“If you have photos of local volunteers working at the Summer Games, members of the Gainesville Hall 96 committee, or other related photographs, we would like to see them for possible duplication to use in the displays.

“We’re also seeking photos of the creation of Lake Lanier and the dam’s history to create a comprehensive display about the lake’s history,” she said. “The memorabilia and photos will be displayed in public areas of the Boathouse.”

To donate Olympic memorabilia and other items, contact Lynch at by October 1.

Photo: by Vicki Hope