Group of sailing students

During each multi-day session, youngsters ride on bigger boats during the lakes Wednesday night sailing races.

Each summer, the UYC Maritime Foundation sponsors its Junior Sailing Program. In three sessions, more than 60 youngsters from ages 6 to 16, gain confidence and team-building skills while learning how to sail.

Now in its 13th year, it has seen a number of young sailors return year after year to hone their skills. Some have also earned their US Sailing Level 1 instructor certifications to come back to Lake Lanier each summer to teach or to work with other established sailing programs across the country.

“For the past several years, most of our coaches have been former students with us,” said Susan Reddaway, program director. “They have become fine role models for younger students and have carried on the sailing tradition here at UYC.”

The summer sessions, and subsequent weekend Sunscreen series activities, combine sportsmanship, sailing education and fun events. Last year the program added a third week for residents of Eagle Ranch, taught in partnership with the UYC Maritime Foundation and America’s Boating Club Atlanta.

Teacher with 2 students gathered around the mast of a sailboat.

L-R Nolan Roberts, Aero Teuful with coach Zoe Dangar learning the fine points of rigging a boat.

“This is just one way our programs are community-based,” Reddaway said. “Giving youngsters a chance to experience something new and a bit different builds a strong foundation for life-long learning. And the best part is that they are all having fun.”

The annual program is open for members of UYC, their families and their guests, as well as guests sponsored by the UYC Maritime Foundation. For more information, visit:

Photos: by Billy Earle and UYC Maritime Foundation


Young girl in classroom learning to tie knots.

Learning the basic sailing knots, like bowline, is essential for sailing education as an Eagle Ranch student has discovered.

Two young students, each in their own sailboat, sail very close to each other.

Will Phillips and Hayden Senne, L-R, sail side by side in the Open Bics.

One instructor and two students on the same side of the sailboat lean outward to balance the boat.

Jr. sailors, L-R, Isaak and Jeffrey Rhodes with coach Noah Lenkeit in the 420.

Students aboard two white sailboats. Sails are white with blue

Sailing students from Eagle Ranch try their hand at managing the wind with on-board coaches.