Girl in swimsuit with black dog above her both sit on AquaStairs.

AquaStairs products work for both people and pets.

For more than 20 years, AquaStairs has been helping people get in and out of the water from their docks and boats around the world. Developed by Michael Adair in Dawsonville, the company has been selling its marine ladders globally.

Earlier this summer the company was purchased by entrepreneur Matt Houser, who recently sold his commercial construction supply company.

“When my partner and I sold the business, my wife Courtney and I looked for a business that would allow us to connect with the marine business and live near the lake,” he said. “I researched people who were selling their businesses and looking to retire and came across Mike and AquaStairs. He has done such an amazing job of engineering and marketing; it was a natural fit for us.”

Mike has agreed to stay on with the company as a consultant for the next two years. “This is great for us because we will be developing several other related products and Mike’s expertise will be invaluable,” Houser said.

Designed as a 58-degree staircase with railings is made of marine-grade aluminum. Six sizes are based on the number of steps. They can be lifted or folded out of the water when not being used.

“The treads are wider than traditional dock ladders, allowing enough room for people to sit on the steps,” he said. “The treads are more comfortable for bare feet, and the 58-degree angle makes the steps much easier to climb than vertical ladders.”

He said that AquaStairs can be self-installed, but that people can also hire a handyman to do the installation.

The company offers six sizes of ladders that can be used on floating docks, fixed docks, piers, seawalls and swim platforms. Additionally, three types of pontoon ladders are available to be used for front boarding, a rear-mounted model and a side-mount option.

“With some customization, AquaStairs can possibly be used on yachts, cabin cruisers and other boats with a swim platform,” Houser said. “We even offer an extra-long rear-mount ladder as well for houseboats and unique situations.”

AquaStairs is currently adding a new rear entry product that is made of stainless steel, to compliment today’s more chrome pontoons. It is expected to be available this fall.

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Photo: courtesy AquaStairs