I am writing this as I retire as Chief Meteorologist for WSB-TV.  It was a good 40-year run and I thank all of you for watching over the years. We’ve all been through a lot together. From record-setting heat waves, huge tornadoes, to a full blown blizzard, we’ve pretty much seen it all together.

This past month proved to be a little bizarre. Record-setting heat with temperatures in the low to mid-80s in November! Then, for the first time in 40 years, a late season hurricane impacting Florida and even us in north Georgia! That was followed by an arctic cold front 24 hours later! Talk about dynamic November weather!

The outlook for December is for continued dry conditions with above average temperatures. The drought is forecast to get worse.

Map of USA forecasting the development, continued, or worsening of drought conditions for North Georgia.

Winter 2022 U.S. Drought Outlook

What we are dealing with, for the third straight year, is a La Nina.  The Climate Prediction Center is once again showing temperatures to be above average. This is not to say we won’t have any more cold outbreaks like we did last month.  Precipitation is likely to stay below average. As of this writing, our rainfall deficit was nearly 5.9 inches for the year. The drier-than-normal conditions will likely prevail throughout the month.

It will be a slow start to winter, which is on the 21st.

Have a great month and a wonderful holiday my friends!