Lake level: Down 2.7 feet
Temperature: 80s
Clarity: Main lake clear, creeks stained

BASS: Bass fishing on Lake Lanier is fair to good. With the hot weather returning in late September the bass were trying to figure out if it was fall or summer. Hopefully, the cooler weather will have a positive effect on the bite over the next few weeks or so.

For now, wind has been the key to catching fish. If the wind is blowing a number of baits will work on long points, humps and over brush. A Slick Stick in the blue herring pattern or a chrome Sebile have been the best for the swimbait bite with the chrome Gunfish or Chug Bug for the topwater bite. If there is very little wind a white fluke is a good option along with the Dropshot. The best colors for the Dropshot recently have been Sweet Rosie and Morning Dawn. Look for the fish around the deeper brush as their setup can be different every day. One day they may be in the top of the brush and the next day scattered around it. Your electronics are going to be the key to catching fish right now as they are scattered throughout the water column. We’re seeing a lot more schools of shad right now but like the bass they are scattered everywhere. Don’t overlook the dock bite with a green pumpkin trick worm as it can be a productive pattern also. Be prepared to have to move a lot to locate fish because just finding them doesn’t mean they will bite. The cooler weather should be bringing the strong fall topwater bite so just hang on. You can still catch them if you work at it so go catch ‘em!

Report by Phil Johnson. Email:, 770 366-8845.

CRAPPIE: Crappie fishing is good. We are catching a lot of fish and starting to see some bigger ones. Crappie are suspended 10 to 15 feet over a 30- to 40-foot bottom at most for the docks we are fishing. Docks with structure or shade are producing well. If you are using jigs I would try bright colors in clear water and dark colors after the rain. I have had success the ATX bluegrass. I am setting minnows 10 to 12 feet deep most of the time.

Crappie love the shade so cast into the shadows or shaded areas of dock. When dock shooting the biggest fish are usually the first to bite. I use ATX lure company’s jigs on a lip Thrashin lure jig heads. I use 5 pound test high visibility yellow k9 braid for my line unless I am using a bobber then it’s the k9 6 pound high vis line and a Acc crappie Stix. I use Garmin Live Scope and the Navionics Boating app.

Report by Captain Josh Thornton, 770 530-6493.

Sonar Event: Ken Sturdivant, Lowrance pro staffer, will be at Hammonds Fishing Center on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. He will show the latest technology and how the sonar equipment works. Event is free.

Sonar Class: The Forsyth County Library System will host a Sonar class on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 3 p.m. at Hampton Park Library at 5345 Settingdown Rd.