Lake level: Full
Temperature: 70s
Clarity: Clear in main lake, stained in creeks

BASS: Bass fishing on Lake Lanier is good. Can you say hot! The weather is definitely going to drive the water temperature up and move the fish into their summer homes. For now the topwater bite is still going on especially early and late in the day. The spotted bass are located in 25- to 35-foot brush, long points and humps. The Jerkshad has been a solid producer recently along with the PJ, Sebile and Red fin. The Whopper Plopper has even worked if there is a good wind.

It’s a good idea to have a three eights Spotchoker with a small Keitech on it to be able to reach the fish that are always schooling a little too far from the boat. When it is calm or the morning bite fades it’s time to work the drop shot.

I’m working this on a seven foot six medium action rod with 10-pound braid and a 15-foot leader of eight-pound fluorocarbon. I prefer at least a three eights weight and may go heavier on windy days. It’s important to be able to get the bait to the fish as quickly as possible when you see them on your Panoptics. The Blue Lily and Morning Dawn have been the best colors in recent days. These Spots are going to be in the same areas as they were for the top water bite. The worm bite is still there and is located mainly on the deeper docks now. A watermelon red or green pumpkin trick worm will draw the most strikes. The night bite has picked up on the Georgia Blade spinnerbait along with a DT10 crankbait. Look for the rocky points and humps for your best fish.

It is really, really hot out there so be careful in the heat but they are still biting so go catch ‘em!

Report by: Phil Johnson. Email:, 770 366-8845.

STRIPERS: Stripers on Lake Lanier are looking for cool water. The temperature is 87 degrees so they are moving to the south end. Down line blue backs will be the ticket for the next couple of months. Locate the bait using your electronics over points and ditches. Then  set up on the spot lock and start drumming and bring the schools into your areas. The jigging will be turning on so have one ready. Remember to wear your life jackets.

Report by: Buck Cannon, 404 510-1778.

CRAPPIE: The early morning bite has been really good. Look at docks in 15 to-30 foot of water near a main channel for suspended fish. You can set colors on your fishing charts to easily locate these targeted depths. I have my fishing chart set red for 15 to 30 feet deep. So if I see a dock in the red shade zone I know to scan that dock for crappie. Also look at blow downs off steep banks or trees that extend 50 to 70 feet off the banks. If you are using jigs I would recommend a white or a translucent body with sparkles or the blue grass color combination. Remember to retrieve slowly and give the jig time to sink to the level of the fish.

Sixty percent of a recent week’s catch came on minnows. I am setting minnows at 10 to 12 feet deep most of the time. Crappie love the shade so cast into the shadows or shaded areas of dock. When dock shooting, the biggest fish are usually the first to bite. I’m using the skippers jig moon jigs use (promo code heroes) when ordering. I use ATX lure company’s jigs on a lip thrashin lure. I use five-pound test high visibility yellow k9 braid for my line unless I am using a bobber then it’s the k9 six-pound high vis line ( and a Piscifun reel on a Acc crappie Stix. I use Garmin Live Scope and the Navionics Boating app.

Report by: Captain Josh Thornton, 770 530-6493.