LLA Executive Director, Jennifer Flowers - head shot


Lake Lanier Association Executive Director Jennifer Flowers will be departing the lake advocacy organization at the end of April, but she leaves big shoes to fill. Just shy of three years ago, she became executive director, leading the LLA through the challenging times of the pandemic, while still increasing member and community engagement through webinars and Zoom meetings.

She has grown the organization’s social media, communications, media and public presence and helped guide other initiatives, including Abandoned Docks and Boats, safety awareness, See Something Say Something, and the consistent increase in the success of Shore Sweep, the group’s signature event.

“During her time as executive director, LLA has seen growth in both revenue and membership,” said John Barker, president of the LLA. “These increases have allowed us to further invest in programs to keep the lake Clean, Full, Safe. Her work in cooperation with the Board of Directors has helped bring expanded value for our members who regularly enjoy the lake.”

One of the most popular programs, “Ask The Corps,” brought the public directly in touch with Corps of Engineers leadership in several Zoom sessions.

“Jennifer has brought a lot of ideas to the table when discussing how the Corps and LLA can best utilize our partnership,” said Tim Rainey, operations project manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Lanier. “She always maintained a professional relationship even when keeping pressure on us to get things done or when asking the hard questions, maintaining an open mind to see the big picture. Even then, she could sort through the extraneous stuff and look for solutions or opportunities. She has been great to work with and we wish her well.”

Flowers said she has enjoyed her work with the community as well as getting to know so many advocates and supporters of Lanier.

“This is truly a time of mixed emotions for me,” said Flowers, who will become Manager of Leadership Development Programming and Member Relations with the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the members, as well as leadership and constituents to help protect Lake Lanier and its assets. I am eager to see how the LLA will continue to grow in its mission.”

Barker summed it up: “We are sad and disappointed to lose our Executive Director but excited for Jennifer as she pursues her passion,” Barker said. “We will miss her greatly.”

Flowers became executive director in July 2019. The association is accepting applications; the job posting is on the group’s website at www.lakelanier.org.