It’s really difficult to believe we are coming to the end of another year. 2021 as we all know had its set of challenges. The one constant thing for me is that despite all the quarantines and having to wear masks, we could still enjoy our favorite lake.

The fall color was absolutely spectacular this autumn. A boat ride on the lake with the backdrop of a deep blue sky was just breathtaking. Temperatures for the most were pretty typical for north Georgia this time of year. We would have a freeze warning and then 24 hours later, we would be basking in the 70s. Yes, it’s always challenging forecasting this time of the year.

The one thing we have not seen this fall? Severe storms and tornadoes. Believe it or not, we ARE in our second severe storm season. Our major severe storm season, of course, is spring. However, November and December are our second storm season months. The weather in December is one of those months that brings anything. Remember all the flooding in 2015? In 2012 we saw several tornadoes. Let’s not forget December of 2010! That was an epic year!

A powerful storm system moved across the Southeast on Christmas Day. The precipitation began on Christmas Eve and quickly changed from rain to snow across the mountains. However, on Christmas Day, colder air began pouring in and the rain began changing over to snow. The highest accumulations were in the mountains, where 6-8 inches fell. Around the metro area, we saw 1-3 inches of snow. It was historic! It was the first measurable snowfall on Christmas Day since 1881! All of this was followed by subfreezing temperatures the next day, causing massive road problems. Winds were 20-25 mph, causing so many ice-covered trees to go down. Yes,  forecasting the weather for north Georgia IS a challenge.

This December, of course, we are dealing with the La Nina weather phenomenon. The Climate Prediction Center outlook continues to show warmer than average temperatures and near average to below average precipitation. If I were a betting man, I would not be betting on a white Christmas this year.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.