Dramatic white clouds amid blue sky with fishing boat in foreground

Starting the day at Crocodile Bay Resort

Not too long ago we decided we would head South. Way South.

To Costa Rica.

To Crocodile Bay Lodge/Resort.   Look it up. Maybe the best overall fishing in the world for a combination of saltwater big-game species.   We routinely catch and release 10 to 12 Sails a day in the 100-pound category. My largest was 130-plus pounder and took at least 90 minutes to boat. Roosters, the fish with the racing stripes that is, up to 40 pounds or so, my very first Rooster weighed in at 75 pounds and nearly broke my back. Red Snapper, Bonita, Sierra Mackerel and the like. The food is excellent, accommodations lush, clean and safe.  Pretty nice place.

You gotta want to go there.   It’ll take a Delta flight from Atlanta to San Jose, Costa Rica, limos everywhere for a stay overnight near the airport, and a 40-minute charter to the lodge.  Don’t worry, these guys are experts at executing the arrangements, travel, rooming, etc. without a single hitch. O’Neill has visited a dozen or so times. So how much does it cost?

I’ll tell you in a minute, but first, the equipment. Thirty-three to thirty-eight foot Strikes, Whaler Outrages, dozens of other sea worthy craft, staffed with friendly, efficient, English speaking captains and mates, all take your anticipated mystery out of the day. I truly believe that Crocodile Bay Resort is the best equipped location in Central America. Turns out it’s a fisherman’s dream trip.

You really don’t have to take anything. Computers are in the lobby with high speed internet connections, ample and appropriate clothing available in the local shop should you be purchasing very special shirts with Crocodile Bay Resort logos, toiletries and what not. Did I mention the food? Oh, my goodness. Chefs roam the kitchens preparing a feast three times daily. It’s a treat. Often a portion of your day’s catch is your centerpiece for the evening meal.   You will have to purchase or bring a bathing suit for the pool with swim up bar, and the hot tub atop a raised platform to view the sunset.

Did I mention also the eco-tours, waterfalls, horseback riding, and zip-lining? The fishing can wear you out but there’s plenty to do otherwise in making this trip one of a kind. Then too, there’s a world class spa only 20 steps away available for evening massages and facials.

Back to the fishing. Travis and I traveled there a few years ago and during one of the days offshore, we raised 34 sails and caught 17.  What a day. Inshore the next day, Roosters to 30 pounds and Red Snapper in the upper teens. What a day. I said that already, didn’t I?

Anyway, how much does it cost? About $2,000 for three days I suppose.

Should you go and when? Yes, late December, January, February, March and even April while the turkey season is in full bloom and the truly great bass fishing across the South has kicked in.

Just go to www.crocodilebay.com and find out all the particulars.