Quite often, when being approached by outdoorsmen, fishermen, hunters, and people who watch our television programs or listen to the radio shows in which I am involved, I get a bit embarrassed by the praise. Please, do not get me wrong, I enjoy it. Who would not? Lately, however, I have looked at what I do for a living and how I feel about it. Stick with me for a moment on this. Our television show has been airing under various names over the years and on a multitude of outdoor networks for almost 40 years. The radio show started in Atlanta in 1991 and has been on the air weekly since that first Sunday afternoon, the only time slot I could get. I promise to get to the point.

I enjoy what I do and support my family by doing it. Good. But is it worthy of exaggerated praise? Maybe I do not feel worthy. Have I got people fooled? If so, it’s unintended, but maybe!

The point is that I do not want the attention, being recognized, congratulated for entertaining and informative programs to end, but I think that it is more appropriate for workers in other professions to be praised, such as, teachers, policemen, firefighters, nurses, doctors, medical researchers, volunteer hospital and mental health center workers.

You see, in recent years, I have had a loved one cured of a life-threatening illness because of intelligent, dedicated, hardworking people who have learned about how to treat and cure deadly diseases. I have seen and heard of policemen and firemen who risked their lives to both protect and save the lives of citizens they had never met. I know of teachers who spend long, personal, attentive hours to go the extra mile so that some young person can realize the joy and fulfillment of the learning experience.

So, if you see me at the airport, in a restaurant, or a sports show, on the lake, be sure to say hello, and if it is the case, tell me how you enjoy our television and radio shows and what you may have learned. Maybe make suggestions how the programs can be better and more informative. I’d love to hear your suggestions. I will listen and welcome it. But too, when you see a policeman, fireman, teacher, doctor, or nurse, you might consider saying thank you to them too.

I will.