Beach Bash at LLOP people watching band play with Lake Lanier in background

Boats surround stage during last month’s Beach Bash

Last month’s Beach Bash at Lake Lanier Olympic Park was a big hit. Organizers estimated as many as 3,000 attended the Saturday evening event that featured music, food, and children’s activities.

Robyn Lynch, executive director of the park, said simply, “Great crowd!” And she said she was pleased that the courtesy docks were full and that many boats floated near the stage to take in the music. “We love having so many people attending our events by boat. In the spring we added an additional courtesy dock and have plans for a third courtesy dock with Phase III of our master plan. We always welcome boaters to come and anchor in front of the plaza  for our concerts.”

However, the rain came a couple of hours into the event and forced many to leave. Lynch said the next phase of the master plan “includes a pavilion/shelter for the plaza. This pavilion will be useful for events like this in case of inclement weather and will allow us to host events year-round.”

The large crowds can also present parking issues. “Parking management is always a challenge and we are working on a solution. We are fortunate that the plaza and grandstands cover such a large area, making LLOP the prime location for events like these with large crowds. People were still able to spread out and enjoy the event.”


Young girl waits to get her frozen treat

A young girl can’t wait for her frozen treat

New courtesy docks at LLOP are full

The new courtesy docks were full during Beach Bash

child putting up beach umbrella

A youngster does a bit of housekeeping at the sandlot

Bursting giant bubbles during last month’s Beach Bash at Lake Lanier Olympic Park

Bursting giant bubbles during last month’s Beach Bash at Lake Lanier Olympic Park

Photos: by Vicki and Alan Hope