Child steering boat with help from adults at Freedom Boat Foundation event

Enjoying time on the water during Freedom Waters Foundation event

People who go boating regularly might not know what it’s like for those who don’t. That’s why Freedom Waters Foundation, based in Naples, Florida, will be hosting a two-day boating event at Port Royale Marina on September 24-25.

“Our goal is to provide boating experiences for veterans and children with life-threatening illnesses and their families at Port Royale,” said Debra Frenkel, founder and executive director of the group based in Naples, Florida. “For several years, we’ve been doing this for the Southwest Florida community and people there – and our volunteers – look forward to it every year.”

To make the event a success on Lake Lanier, Frenkel is seeking private boats and their owners to provide rides on one or both days. She is also asking for sponsors and for volunteers for the land events.

“Just about any kind of boat is welcome and we will provide information in advance to make the day fun for all participants,” she said. “And after the boat rides, we’ll be providing a barbecue lunch with music each day with time for socializing.”

To volunteer a boat, Frenkel has asked people to contact her, either through the organization’s website, or by calling her at (239) 248-1120. She can answer questions about the program and provide more details about the Port Royale event.

Photo: courtesy, Freedom Waters Foundation