new nautical boarding strap shown on boat

The Nautical Boarding Strap, which comes in two sizes, can be attached to both boats and jet skis

If you’ve ever been challenged to get back into a boat or reboard a jet ski, Bill Tannahill has invented a solution. His Nautical Boarding Strap, which comes in two sizes, can be attached to boats and jet skis and remain in place to assist with boarding.

“Made of UV-protected nylon, the strap won’t damage boats because there are no metal parts or snaps to scrap the sides,” Tannahill said. “It can attach to the ring on the back of a jet ski, the seat or handlebars, and on any of the connectors on a boat.”

The straps come in 18- and 42-inch lengths; the shorter one is designed for jet skis and the longer one can be used on boats. Custom sizes are available.

“The boarding strap eliminates the need to lower a ladder or step into the water,” he said. “All you have to do is grab onto the strap to pull yourself up to board.”

Tannahill first made prototypes and tested them in Lake Lanier. “Frankly, it’s easier to board using the strap than a ladder.”

Bill and his wife Diane have lived in Cumming on Lake Lanier since 2003. They often take their grandchildren and adult children boating on their pontoon boat or jet ski.

They moved to Georgia from Los Angeles where Tannahill had served in the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Nautical Boarding Straps are currently available at Skiers Marine Atlanta on Ga. 53 and at Habersham Marina. For information, call Tannahill at 770 561-5717.