Keep Lanier Clear sticker

“Keep Lanier Clear” sticker

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t deter Girl Scout Troop 15514 in Forsyth County from its mission to support clear water in Lake Lanier. In fact, their dedication earned the 8-member troop a Silver Award from Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and are raising awareness about the importance of clean water. They selected the Lake Lanier Association to promote with their project “Keep Lanier Clear.”

“The girls also brought all their skills to the table, from research to coding,” said troop adviser Andrea McNeil-Brown. “They did all the work themselves with very little adult guidance. They reached out to the Lake Lanier Association because that’s the group they chose to highlight.”

Nearly a year ago, members of the troop began their journey, researching the importance of water quality. “The lake kept coming up as one of the top issues, so they wanted to contribute to a group that works with lake issues,” McNeil-Brown said. “Once we contacted Jennifer Flowers at the association, we were well on our way. She was amazing in providing insight and guidance about issues important to Lake Lanier.”

Their research included polling businesses around the lake to identify issues and find out where they could be most effective. Then they set to work creating a business and marketing plan, designing a website, writing content, designing a sticker and reaching out to the community.

“They developed an e-commerce platform to be able to do website sales and they will also be learning about how to handle finances,” she said.

The website,, details ways that people can help keep the lake clear. From being mindful of using the proper amount of fertilizer and reducing the amount of trash in the lake to being aware of what articles cannot be flushed down a toilet, the website puts recommendations and possible solutions in easy-to-understand language.

“The young ladies in the group were so enthusiastic and great to work with,” Flowers said. “The association is grateful for their choosing us to support with this project. These middle schoolers are an inspiration for their dedication and hard work.”

The sticker is being sold on the website for $10. Net proceeds from sales will be donated to the Lake Lanier Association.