As summer draws nearer, US Army Corps of Engineers Parks at Lake Lanier opened in March.

“Our Day-Use Parks will be open as usual, but we will not be able to open three of our seven campgrounds this season due to a lack of qualified park attendant contractors,” said Eddie Grimes, chief ranger for recreation at the Buford Dam Project Management Office. “Usually we staff the campgrounds with attendants who come here for the season on a fixed government contract, but this year we didn’t receive enough qualified applicants.”

The following campgrounds will be open: Bald Ridge Creek, Bolding Mill, Old Federal and Toto Creek.

Duckett Mill, Sawnee and Van Pugh South campgrounds will not be open this season.

Each year the Corps contracts with paid park attendants to staff the campgrounds, but this year the organization received less than the number of qualified applicants to provide attendants for all the campgrounds.

All the Day-Use Parks will be open; admission is $5 that can be paid through an automated credit card machine at the entrance gates.