A weather graphic showing water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.

Temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.

May is without a doubt, one of my most favorite months of the year. The heart of our severe storm season is behind us, the temperatures, for the most part, are still fairly comfortable, and we don’t have that summer heat and humidity to deal with just yet.

Our pollen season, as we all know, was just brutal! Pollen counts began in late February, when we had those early spring-like temperatures, and continued through April. Above average rainfall this spring, along with the abnormally warm temperatures, gave us record high pollen counts.  The climate experts now say we can expect earlier and longer pollen seasons because of climate change.

As we move into May, the average low temperature for the month is 61 degrees with an average high temperature of 81 degrees. Our normal monthly rainfall is 3.56 inches. However, the Climate Prediction Center outlook for May is for above average temperatures and rainfall. We seem to be right in the crosshairs for that heavy rain.

Our El Nino is coming to an end as the sea surface temperatures begin changing in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, off the coast of South America. La Nina is rearing its ugly head as colder sub-surface water is rising. La Nina usually brings us active hurricane seasons and that is what leading forecasters are projecting.

Hurricanes usually form in June in the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf temperatures have to be at least 80 degrees for a tropical system to form. However, as of late April, many areas in the Gulf were close to, or above that mark. And that usually does not happen until the beginning of the hurricane season in June.

But for now, let’s just sit back and enjoy one of THE finest weather months of the year.