Lake level: Above full pool, 1,071.85
Temperature: 50s
Clarity: Stained north, main channel clear

BASS: Bass fishing on Lake Lanier is good. The lake is currently above full pool and still rising from the recent heavy rains. Not a lot has changed in recent days with fish still being caught from five to 50 feet.

The fish are beginning their spring move up but the ditch bite is still working also. Work a three eights ounce Spot Choker Finesse with a three inch swimbait very slowly down the middle of the ditches to draw strikes. Watch for these fish to move up from the ditches to the secondary points and flats. If you locate shad in the ditch a half ounce spoon will also trigger them. Work the ditch from deep to shallow to determine the depth the bass are holding. A jig and a worm have been producing steady bites in the 25-foot or less range on ledges, secondary points and docks close to creek channels. A green pumpkin jig with some orange strands with a root beer trailer has produced some good fish, just not big numbers yet. Any worm in the green to green pumpkin colors has been working on a three sixteenths shakey head on rocky points and docks.

Watch for the bass to continue to move to the shallower areas and for the lake to stain up quite a bit over the next several days. Be careful on the water right now as there are a lot of floaters out there that can turn your trip into a bad day in a hurry. The spring bite is beginning so Go Catch ‘Em!

Report by: Phil Johnson, email:, 770 366-8845.

STRIPERS: Stripers have a lot of new water to swim in! Lake is just above full pool so you’ll need to use your electronics to locate the fish and bait and then use your down lines and flat lines with blue backs and trout or gizzards.

Try flat lines 80 to 100 feet behind the boat trolling at .05 mph on the trolling motor. Once you’re on the fish put baits just above the fish. Planer boards will also have to spread out to cover a larger area. All this new water will affect the bite so be patient. Water temperature is 48 to 50 degrees so remember to wear your life jacket.

Report by: Buck Cannon, Buck Tails Guide Service, 404 510-1778.

CRAPPIE: Crappie are suspended 5 to 15 feet deep in and around open water brush and docks. The fish are staging for the spawn over the next two months. They will be laying eggs in waves, not all at the same time. Please consider only keeping what you plan on eating. That way we will have plenty of fish to catch next year. Look for creeks or coves near a main channel for roaming fish.

Try various colors including yellow and brown, green and black and clear with sparkles. They have all produced good fish.

The gear I recommend for crappie fishing is Acc Crappie Stix 1 piece rod and reel with a 6 pound test K9 line, along with Garmin Live Scope and Power Pole.

Report by: Captain Josh Thornton, 770 530-6493,