Zack Trivett standing on a boat with his new business sign for Dock Guardian.

Zack Trivett has opened a dock moving business on Lake Lanier.

Looking at his family’s dock over the past few months, Lake Lanier resident Zack Trivett didn’t see a problem; he saw a solution.

In response, he created Dock Guardian on Lanier to work with the fluctuating water levels for dock owners on the lake.

“Our business is monthly dock management to ensure that people’s ramps and docks remain in a good safe position throughout the year,” said the new business owner-operator. “We inspect docks for our customers at least twice a month, and we also respond if their dock is out of a good position.”

In addition to moving docks to maximize use by their owners, he does dock repair and pressure washing.

The company offers one-year contracts.

“I’ve always wanted to work for myself,” said Trivett, who formerly worked in the retail construction business. “Not only am I working for myself, I’m also working for my clients to help them protect their investment and making sure their docks stay where they need to be.”

For more information, call Dock Guardian on Lanier at 470 343-3000.

Photo: courtesy Dock Guardian on Lanier