Lake level: Down about 8 feet
Temperature: 50s
Clarity: Mostly clear but stained in creeks due to rainfall

BASS: Bass fishing on Lake Lanier is good. The keyword has been deep for recent days. They are still shallow fish to be caught on the rocky points early in the morning and on the deeper docks, but the fish have made their move deep. The water temperature is still not cold enough to have them locked down, but they are in the deep water with the shad. The ditches and deep flats have been the steadiest producers with the key areas being in 35 feet or deeper water. For recent days the Spotchoker underspin with a three-inch trailer, a Georgia Blade half ounce spoon, a dropshot or a Damiki rig have been the steadiest producers. The high pressure that has been here since mid-December’s front has slowed the bite but not stopped it. It’s important to find the bait right now and you will know the fish are around. It seems that in some areas they were just glued to the bottom but if you could get one fish to commit to the bait the others would follow. You would go from a blank screen to a spaghetti screen in a heartbeat.

I have been stopping the boat in at least 50 feet of water and dropping the Pan Optics to scan the areas as I work my way into them since the bass are not in a consistent depth right now. Once you find the school you can sit over them for quite a while catching fish, but it may take a while to find the right spot. While I’ve mainly focused deep the worm and jig will still produce some good fish in the 25- to 40-foot range primarily around rock. It’s cold on the water right now and even more important to have your life jacket on all the time so go out, be safe and Go Catch ’Em.

Report by Phil Johnson:, 770 366-8845.

STRIPERS: Stripers are always on the move and they currently are moving north of Browns Bridge, but you might be lucky to find them on the south side as well. The birds are very active over the loons and that’ll give you a starting point. Water temperature is mid 50s and the bait is thick so you can troll umbrella rigs and mini Mac’s thru the bait or the down lines and flat lines are catching some nice stripers using a variety of bait. Trout, gizzards and blue backs are the best options. Flat lines should be rigged with a small split shot to get them down put one at 100 feet and one out 80 feet and have different baits to determine which ones are best. Remember to wear your life jacket.

Report by Buck Cannon 404 510-1778.

CRAPPIE: The majority of our catch has been coming from suspended fish at 10-15 foot deep on open water brush and docks. I am using a small minnows straight down with a split shot 8 to 10 feet deep. I have also been doing well the blue grass jigs. While the lake is low be searching for and marking new brush piles and blow downs.

The gear I recommend for crappie fishing is Acc crappie stix 1 piece rod and reel with a 6 pound test K9 line, along with Garmin Live Scope and Power Pole.

Report by Captain Josh Thornton,, 770 530-6493.