Lake level: Down 4.7 feet
Clarity: Clear to mostly clear
Temperature: 80s

BASS: Bass fishing on Lake Lanier is good and getting better. The lake is currently down more than four feet so be careful running the lake as very shallow areas are starting to appear. The cooler temperatures have the bass moving into the fall top water mode and the fun fishing is beginning.

It is still a little hit or miss from day to day as some days are great for numbers but the next day is a little bit of a struggle. Even on the tough days though there are still some really good fish being caught. The Riser still was the best performer in recent days as it seems it’s something new that they haven’t seen. One of the surprises with the Riser is that it works so well even on days with no wind. This bait can be hard to find but currently, both Hammonds and Lip Thrasher Lures have them available. Other baits that have been producing are the IMA ‘Skimmer, Vixen, Gunfish and Lanier Bait’s Magic Swimmer. On sunny days chrome or clear bottom baits have been the best choice while on cloudy days a bait with a white bottom seems to produce the best.

Key areas have been off the sides of humps, long points and overbrush in 25 feet or less of water. However, they are likely to come up anywhere as this is a shad driven bite so watch for areas that the wind is blowing shad into. There is still a drop shot bite in the 25- to 30-foot brush with either a Blue Lily or Morning Dawn color worm. The largemouth are also starting to show up on both the top water bite and in the backs of the creeks with the cooler water. A green pumpkin worm or a three eights ounce jig in brown with chartreuse will get you bites. As the water continues to cool the activity is just going to increase so it’s a great time to go catch ’em!

Report by Phil Johnson,, 770 366-8845.

STRIPERS: Stripers are roaming around in search of oxygen. Once you locate a pocket of oxygen they will be close. Use down lines with blue backs fishing between 28 to 35 feet deep. Thumping the bottom of the boat can bring in the fish. Also, try trolling lead core 250 to 280 feet back using jigs with chartreuse trailer and the underspin with the trailer. Umbrella rigs at 130 feet behind the boat moving 2.7 to 3 mph with the big motor is working, too. Remember to wear your life jacket.

Report by Buck Cannon, 404 510-1778.

CRAPPIE: Recently we have been catching crappie at 8 to 15 feet deep over a 20- to 30-foot bottom. When it comes to bait, use small baits like a gray sugar bug and slow action and target shaded areas. Use live small minnows straight down with a split shot or small jigs with a slow retrieval for the best results. In terms of timing, fishing during early morning or late evening when the temperature is slightly cooler is recommended. Look for covered docks near a channel. The moving water is a little cooler and may have a little more oxygen making the fish more active. The gear I recommend for crappie fishing is Acc crappie Stix 1 piece rod and reel with a 6-pound test K9 line, along with Garmin Live Scope and Power Pole.

Report by Josh Thornton, 770 530-6493.