Workers high over Lake Lanier removing green trusses of Browns Bridge

Workers carefully bring down the classic green trusses of Browns Bridge

By the middle of June, one of Lake Lanier’s most enduring landmarks will be no more. The familiar green trusses of Browns Bridge are being removed as the widening project nears completion.

“The contractor, Scott Bridge Company, is currently working to remove the green trusses from the bridge,” said Natalie Dale, spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Transportation. “This work is ongoing, and it is expected to take about three more weeks to remove the green steel truss portion of the bridge.”

People driving across the new lanes will soon be doing double-takes as they traverse the lake via Georgia 369. Boaters, many of whom rely on the green steel framework to guide them up or down the lake’s channel, may also find themselves checking their GPSs to verify their location.

The contractor is responsible for the removal and disposal of the former bridge structure.

The project, with a contract completion date of June 29, 2021, is replacing the existing two-lane steel truss bridge over Lake Lanier. The original structure was built in 1955.

Photos: by Vicki Hope