Floating Aqua Bar

Three examples of the Aqua Bar

Don Newhall’s goal was simply to enjoy his float time boating on Center Hill Lake in Tennessee, but he and his friends grew weary of climbing in and out of their boats to freshen their beverages.

“I decided to design a floating bar so that we could have our drinks nearby while we were in the water,” he said. “So my partner Walter Achuff created a prototype of the Aqua Bar, but once my other boating friends saw it, they wanted one of their own.”

Rather than rush to production in 2015, Newhall applied for a patent; it took two years for all the paperwork to be approved.

“It was well worth waiting because I knew we had a great idea and we didn’t want anyone copying it,” he said. “Now, we’re marketing it nationally and it’s really being received well.”

The 48-inch by 24-inch floating platform comes with 12 shot glasses and eight koozies. It’s six inches thick comes with a 16-inch-tall umbrella.

“It’s designed with six compartments for bottles and plenty of room for a cooler, such as a Playmate that holds 20 beverages,” he said. “People can purchase the Aqua Bar with multiple accessories, including a remote control.”

Coolers are not included on either model, because Newhall said the brand is a matter of personal taste.

“You can keep the Aqua Bar nearby by tying it to your boat,” said the retired Air Force veteran. “We’ve even tied ours to the anchor line to keep it in one place.”

The Aqua Bar is American-made. “We’re very proud that they’re 100 percent made in the US,” he said. “As an Air Force vet, it’s important for me to keep the manufacturing here and support our country.”

Newhall and Achuff have been marketing the product in Georgia. They brought it to the MarineMax boat show in January and will be returning to MarineMax for the dealer’s Cinco de Mayo celebration in early May.

For information or to order, visit theaquabar.com.

Photo: courtesy of Aqua Bar