Attendees check out boats during in-the-water boat show at MarineMax

Attendees check out boats at MarineMax’s on-the-water boat show last month.

MarineMax hosted its first on-the-water boat show for 2021 in mid-January and organizers reported that it was a success.

Held at the dealer’s store and docks at Bald Ridge Marina, the show drew a good crowd during the sunny weather of the four-day weekend. More than 3,000 people attended the show.

“Attendance rivaled weekday attendance at the Atlanta Boat Show,” said Richard Hunter, who works in sales at the dealership. “And our boat sales on the first day at least equaled what we traditionally do on opening day at the Atlanta Boat Show. Boat sales continue to be strong the week after the boat show, with MarineMax selling as many boats after the sale as they did during the event.”

The show included two large, heated tents with vendors selling boating, marine and recreational items from suspended chairs to floating motorized miniature drink bars.

Hunter predicts a busy start to the 2021 boating season. “Recreational sales continue to be brisk as people are looking for ways to spend time with their families outside their homes.”