Head to waist photo of four people: Charles Burton, Terri Jondahl, Virgil Williams and Steve Syfan

Terri Jondahl is honored for her work at LLIDA. (L-R) Charles Burton, Terri Jondahl, Virgil Williams, and Steve Syfan.

After 10 years of service on the Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority board, Terri Jondahl has retired from the organization’s leadership. LLIDA is the state authority that oversees the operation of Lanier Islands.

Steve Syfan has been appointed chair of LLIDA by Gov. Brian Kemp.

To honor her time on the board, including six years as chair, Jondahl was presented with a resolution from the LLIDA board of directors summarizing her contributions to the authority and its mission.

Here is a partial list of those accomplishments during her service:

  • Lake Lanier Islands successfully completed the design of a $215 million state-of-the-art resort hotel and one-of-a-kind conference center.
  • The board secured financing for critical infrastructure investments, including replacing part of the Islands’ force main (wastewater) system, shoreline stabilization and storm drain replacements.
  • LLIDA worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the State of Georgia, the Williams Family, and others to extend the current Islands lease an additional 50 years to 2073.
  • Jondahl bolstered the LLIDA partnership with the Williams family and their continued investments in the Islands; and
  • Jondahl supported the marketing partnership with LLIMC (Lake Lanier Islands Management Company LLC) to inform the public about improvements at the Islands.

“Under Terri’s leadership, LLIDA has accomplished so much, including several projects that will further the direction and success of Lanier Islands and Margaritaville,” said Charles Burton, executive director of LLIDA. “The board praised her for her outstanding service and for her unfaltering leadership over her entire time on the board, both as a member and as chair.”

She continues to serve as CEO of CAB Worldwide LLC operations in the U.S., Canada, China, India and Italy.

For more about LLIDA, visit llida.georgia.gov.

Photo: by Pamela A. Keene