LLA members around a conference table in the new office.

Lake Lanier Association’s Board of Directors meet at its new office.

The week preceding this year’s Shore Sweep was a busy one for the staff and volunteers of the Lake Lanier Association. In addition to planning for the organization’s largest public-facing event, the group moved into its new offices and hosted its first board of directors meeting there.

Located in Village Shoppes of Gainesville at 821 Dawsonville Highway, Suite110, Gainesville, the office was designed to include staff offices, meeting space and room for presentations.

“Being in our new space signifies a new era for the association,” said Amy McGuire, executive director of the 4,400-member lake advocacy group. “As we settle into the new space, we’re looking forward to bringing people together for special-interest seminars, meetings and social activities. Within the next few weeks, we’ll announce a public open house to signal our official opening.”

As the move approached, the association announced a brand-new telephone number. “Please update your records to ensure you have the new number, which is 770 744-4547,” McGuire said.

The group’s new Social Outreach Committee, formed in April, includes 20 members who are creating member events and activities to encourage more interaction while creating ways to continue to protect the lake. Its mission includes community education, fundraising and increased community awareness.

“This is an exciting time for our membership and the lake,” she said. “As we move into 2024, there will be even more to celebrate about the association and the lake.”

For more information about the association, to join or volunteer, visit lakelanier.org.

Photos: provided by LLA