If your angling skills need a new challenge this year, it’s time to triple up your catch and take on the Georgia Trout Slam. Catch all three species of trout found in Georgia (rainbow, brown and brook) within a calendar year and you claim the slam!

Fisherman holding a Rainbow trout in his hand with shoreline behind him.

A fisherman holding a rainbow trout

Hands holding a Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Hand holding a Brook Trout

Brook Trout

The Georgia Trout Slam recognizes anglers with the knowledge and skill to catch different species of trout in the state, while also stimulating interest in the conservation and management of trout and their habitats, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

To qualify for the slam, fish must be caught within a calendar year, must be legally caught on waters where you have permission to fish, and anglers must provide some basic information about themselves and their catch (such as county where caught). Anglers must also be able to submit a photo of themselves with the fish, and one clear side photo of the fish.

Anglers can review the complete rules and submit their information and photos for verification for the Georgia Trout Slam at GeorgiaWildlife.com/trout-slam.

What is the reward? Successful Trout Slammers will receive an official “Georgia Trout Slam” decal and the names of all successful anglers will go into a drawing for a grand prize!

Details about the Georgia Trout Slam are available at www.georgiawildlife.com/trout-slam.