At least once in your life, you must take this trip. 

So many fishermen stick to the basics: the place, the time, the method, the target and all that’s good because, if you are inventive, you’ll get more productive and successful. OK!

Fishing guide, Mark Noble with clients and their large fish.

Mark Noble, rear, vies a thumbs up for a customer’s catch.

But this summer, late June through September, give yourself a bonus. Travel, with a family member, preferable a youngster and another adult, fish more than a few hours and catch the most exciting fish accessible to the average angler. What is that and where?  Tarpon on the Georgia Coast, St Simons Island with super guide, Mark Noble. Look him up.

First the fish and a brief summation. He averages 100 pounds, jumps 10-plus times, will bite surface lures and flies, deep cut bait, live bait, feeds all day and, if you get him to the boat for photos, there’s nothing to do but let him go. You can’t eat him, he too big to keep and mount so you gotta let him go free. The tarpon is God’s perfect sport fish and during the hot summertime, off the Georgia coast, is the most dependable place and time to make it happen.

I’ve been with Mark in the summer at least a dozen times and each time, we’ve hooked and jumped at least a dozen per day and boated/photo’d five. What you must figure in is that each time you have hooked a tarpon, it’ll take at least 30 minutes to an hour before the fight ends. Your day will be full.

Now the guide, Mark Noble.   He’s been a sportfishing guide all his life, he is part owner of the marina, is accommodating and friendly and knows how to catch native species. Plus, if he’s booked, he has a stable of experienced guides that can make it happen for you.

Just Google: “Mark Noble fishing.” You’ll be glad you did.

Photo: courtesy O’Neill Williams